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Senior Safety

GPS Tracker Fights Dementia

GPS_Bracelet-route-sequence A elderly man diagnosed with early on-set dementia agrees to move into a health care facility so he can be better taken care of. Although family members understand that this move may feel like a de-saturation of independence for the senior, the move is necessary to enhance their loved ones' personal safety. The senior, aware he is becoming more forgetful, has no quals about moving and looks forward to being around people his own age in a slower paced environment. The senior adjusts to his new home and the family is happy that things are going well, but that all changes when they get a phone call late one evening. The phone call is from local police stating they found the senior man wandering alone stating he was going home. Somehow the senior was able to escape from his new senior health care facility and began to make his way back to his previous home. Situations like this happen every single day and sadly they don't always end with the wandering senior being picked up by local law enforcement. It's more than a anecdote because it's real life for so many seniors with memory problems, and this creates a significant amount of stress for family members, care givers and loved ones. This is where elderly GPS locator devices are offering assistance.

What Is A Senior GPS Tracker?

Senior GPS trackers are location-based technological tools designed specifically for enhancing personal safety among the elderly and more specifically elderly people suffering with memory challenges. The most common form of senior GPS tracker are those designed as bracelets or watches that can easily be connected to the wrist of the elderly user. Senior GPS tracking devices provide the following popular features: 1. Real-Time Updates On Senior Location 2. Employment Of Digital Safe Zones 3. Live Alerts If Wandering Occurs 4. Mobile Access To The Position Of A Senior Senior safety is a significant concern among those with elderly loved ones battling dementia, Alzheimer's or any other cognitive issues that can lead to wandering behaviors. The reason is because when a elderly person engages in wandering behaviors they put themselves in a potentially harmful position. For example, a senior living at a care facility in Fairmont, Minnesota wandered out of the facility and ended up dying from hypothermia earlier this April. A similar situation occurred to a Cambridge man in Ohio a little over a month before that as well that led to death from wandering then hypothermia. Sadly, these types of stories are much to frequent, but the most alarming part is that they can be prevented thanks to GPS tracking technology.

GPS Tracking Seniors Who Wander

When a elderly person wears a senior GPS tracker the live data from that device can be accessed and viewed 24/7. That means family members in different locations as well as on-site caregivers can easily see exactly where a senior is located by simply going online and viewing the GPS tracking data over a mapping program. The GPS tracking data can even be viewed on a mobile interface such as a tablet or cell phone giving those on the go easy access to locational data and the simplest avenue to monitor for personal safety.

GPS Tracker Watch Brings Safety To Elderly Communities

senior-safetyThe golden years of a person's life should be filled with moments of peace and tranquility. Spending time with the family, golfing first thing in the morning or just passing the time with good conversation should be the activities. Schedules and stress should be a thing of the past after nearly a lifetime of hard work and pressing through the daily grind. Unfortunately, many senior citizens are not given this gift as when they transition into the retirement years they are left with the burden of degenerative disease. Diseases such as Alzheimer's or dementia can present many hurdles and challenges not only for the people impacted with diagnosis' but also the families and caregivers responsible for monitoring those senior citizens. Although a diagnosis of Alzheimer's or dementia can present new challenges, technology is now in place that can help alleviate some of those challenges as well and it's coming in the form of GPS.

The Concern Of Wandering

One of the primary concerns among families and caregivers working closely with a loved one battling memory illness is wandering. Those with dementia or Alzheimer's are known to have a tendency to wander and when a senior wanders it can put the elderly person in serious danger. This is because seniors who wander will often lose cognitive control, forget their names, not know where they are going and leave their homes/community centers without the proper clothing or identification. Sadly, every day news reports surface about a senior who wandered out in a snowstorm without a jacket or simply left in the middle of the night only to turn up dead hours or days later. This is beyond unfortunate and simply should not happen in today's world where surveillance technologies are now seemingly everywhere.

GPS Trackers: Locations In An Instant

GPS tracker devices have routinely been used in applications for teen driving safety and asset protection, but the same type of GPS used for tracking vehicles is being utilized now to track people. This can be particularly helpful for those looking to boost senior safety. How a tracking device for a senior works is quite simple:

1. Senior wears GPS tracker  bracelet 2. GPS tracker bracelet sends out locational data pinpointing movements of senior 3. Family or caregivers can view GPS data online to make sure senior is safe

By simply entering in secure credentials of username and passcode, concerned family members or caregivers can instantly see where a senior with dementia is located all with the help of a GPS tracker bracelet. This real-time GPS tracking data can even be viewed on a mobile phone, giving those on the go the ability to make sure their senior loved ones are safe and secure!

GPS Tracker Offers Alerts For High Risk Seniors

Those caring for a senior who has shown a frequent or increase in wandering behavior can also rest assured that GPS tracking technology won't just provide live locational data, but also alert those caregivers the second a senior wanders off. Through a safe zone feature offered by many senior GPS trackers, a virtual geo-fence can be set creating a safe zone. If the senior leaves the set safe zone the GPS tracker bracelet will alert emergency contacts programmed in the tracking device that the senior is outside of the safe zone. This feature is designed specifically for helping those with Demetria, Alzheimer's and other cognitive diseases faced by seniors. Devices for tracking senior citizens are great tools in improving elderly care and can provide significant peace of mind. Those seeking to learn more about personal GPS trackers for seniors should conduct online research, speak with local law enforcement or connect with health care providers to determine what solution is best for their family.

GPS Tracking Bracelets Enhance Personal Safety

Senior-CareThe days when GPS technology was solely used to navigate a motorist from one point to another is a thing of the past. GPS systems are now employed for fitness, fleet management, navigational and various security applications. GPS is helping rescue teams stay more coordinated, law enforcement conduct thorough investigations, parents keep a watchful eye on teen driving activity, companies reduce fuel consumption and now families improve senior safety. One of the biggest health care epidemics is said to be on the horizon as it is expected that the memory-related illness of Alzheimer's disease will have a significant impact on the baby boomer generation. Alzheimer's is a degenerative disease which there is still no cure for. This debilitating disease causes many of its sufferers to forget where they are at, who their family members are and where they live. This can be a very serious issue that can have life-threatening consequences. What many people do not realize is that as serious as the disease is for its sufferers it is almost equally as stressful upon family loved ones. With children, grandchildren, friends and other close relatives all concerned over the well-being of a elderly loved one with Alzheimer's disease, GPS tracking bracelets are providing some form of relief.

GPS Bracelets Bring Real-Time Personal Safety

GPS tracking bracelets come in two different forms: security and standard. The security version of the bracelet is engineered to lock on to the user so they cannot take the GPS tracker off. If the user attempts to cut the bracelet or remove it in any fashion, the GPS bracelet will send out a warning as part of the tamper-proof feature. The security form of the bracelet is ideal for senior citizens who have a much higher tendency to wander or become lost. Whereas the standard version of the GPS tracking bracelet is commonly used for senior tracking as well as monitoring of children.

Popular Features Of GPS Tracking Bracelets

  • Live Positional Updates Accessible By Mobile Phone or Computer
  • The Ability To Set Virtual Boundaries Over Google Earth
  • Historical Travel Logs To See Everywhere A Person Was
  • Real-Time Voice Communication
With investment in GPS tracking bracelets and subscription to the service obligations, caring families everywhere are having more access to the activity of elderly loved ones.  This additional access to positional data allows family members to be alerted the second a senior becomes lost or wanders, thereby promoting personal safety and senior security.

Insurers Should Help Pay For Tracking Bracelets

senior-personOne of the biggest problems facing the baby boomer generation is rising health care costs. Doctor visits and prescription drug costs continue to rise, leaving many seniors struggling to sufficiently manage their health-related issues. One of the more serious health problems facing the elderly is the degenerative disease known as Alzheimer's, and sadly no known cure is available. Diseases such as Alzheimer's present many unique challenges not only to the person diagnosed but also family members and caregivers. This is because one of the very problematic symptoms of the degenerative illness is the behavior of wandering. Wandering seniors can place themselves in harm's way, but GPS tracking bracelets offer a convenient way for families and caregivers to monitor high-risk seniors. The only problem is that GPS tracker hardware and data plan costs are often not covered by medical insurance providers.

GPS Tracker Bracelets: What's The Cost?

Many healthcare costs can be extremely expensive. MRIs, medications, wheelchairs and a number of other products or services can cost thousands of dollars. Even those with some of the best insurance coverage plans have to fork out large sums of cash for surgeries, doctor visits and prescription drugs. GPS tracker devices also come with a cost, but a relatively small cost when compared to many of the other costs associated with medical care. For example, a reliable senior GPS tracking bracelet will cost roughly $700.00. This one-time cost is not a rental, rather the purchasing cost for a person/family/medical center to on the GPS tracking hardware. GPS tracking watches or bracelets provide real-time GPS locational data. Therefore, they send and receive data in the same way a mobile device transmits data. This data transfer requires a monthly cost. The average monthly data plan for a senior GPS tracker is $29 per month.

Getting Medical Coverage For GPS

Every health insurance coverage provider has different plans for people. HMOs and PPOs all come with some advantages and disadvantages and that is why seniors should research different policies based on their medical coverage needs. GPS tracker bracelets are very affordable compared to the cost of many other medical devices, and the trackers are necessary to keep many seniors battling Alzheimer's from wandering. Therefore, some health insurance plans will cover the cost of GPS tracking hardware and monthly tracking costs. People in need of GPS tracker bracelets should speak directly with their insurance provider so see what options are available and what costs can be covered. However, no price tag can be placed on the safety of a loved one. With the cost of personal GPS tracking devices being so affordable, any person or family needing such a device should make the investment.

Safety Zones Assist Senior Citizens

Senior-CareSenior care is a serious concern for families all across America. This is because as Americans age they require access to affordable prescription drugs, doctor visits and housing. However, those health care challenges only increase when a senior citizen is diagnosed with a serious degenerative illness such as dementia or Alzheimer's disease. This is because senior citizens battling diseases that impact cognitive health require special attention and many have difficulty maintaining their independence. Independence is very important to all people even senior citizens facing medical challenges. Thankfully, real-time GPS tracking devices are offering a new feature that provides safety zones which will only help senior citizens battling degenerative mental disease hold more independence.

What Are Safety Zones?

The technical term for safety zone is known as geographical fence or geo-fence. How safety zones work is a simple process that combines the use of a senior GPS tracker and cellular technology to alert family members or senior caregivers the moment an elderly person begins to wander. This alert can be transmitted through text message to an emergency contact's cell phone or sent directly to the inbox of the contact using email. Here is a breakdown of how safety zones are programmed to improve senior citizen safety Senior puts on GPS tracking watch or bracelet Family member goes online and sets safety zone using satellite mapping program When senior walks or drives past the safety zone an alert will triggered that notifies guardian, family member or authority figure that the senior is wandering or lost. Having instant notification when a senior citizen has become lost or wandered off is critical in ensuring personal safety and that is what makes the safety zone feature of personal GPS trackers designed for elderly care so awesome. "What we find is that the safety zone feature of GPS tracking systems is why health care facilities and families contact us, but once they realize the GPS trackers also provide real-time updates on location as fast as every 3 seconds they end up asking themselves why they didn't invest int the monitoring devices sooner", a specialist for GPS Tracker Shop who works with numerous senior care facilities explained. "This type of monitoring technology is saving lives and we couldn't be happier that more families are feeling the benefits of GPS tracking." As more and more people move into the golden years of their lives, GPS tracking technology will continue to improve in reliability and efficiency. Until cures are found for all the degenerative illnesses facing elderly persons at least GPS trackers will be able to offer some form of protection and personal safety to those impacted by cognitive challenges. Senior security is the most important thing and safety zone features of real-time GPS trackers are enhancing that personal safety and security.

GPS Tracker Shop Will Offer All Senior GPS Bracelets Waterproofed Beginning In December

The senior GPS tracking bracelets offered through the GPS Tracker Shop online store have been one the companies' most popular and successful personal tracking solutions. This is because the senior GPS tracking bracelets give any family or healthcare facility the ability to watch over elderly persons impacted with memory related-illness. With the assistance of the senior GPS tracking bracelet, users can have real-time access to the location of a senior loved one 24/7. Although the senior tracking system has already exceeded many of the expectations of users, GPS Tracker Shop is proud to announce that starting in December the tracking device designed for personal safety will now be waterproof!
"We are very excited to let consumers know that the New S-911 Bracelet Locator ST will be in our office and ready to distribute by the first week of December", stated a rep for GPS Tracker Shop. "The upgrades to the new GPS bracelet include AGPS, upgraded GSM/GPS antennas, V4, and both BL’s ST or CE will now be IP-67 waterproof!!  The GPS bracelet now that it is waterproofed changes everything, for HC vertical no more issues with showering, or even baths, as IP-67 waterproof certification is good for one meter of depth for up to 30 min.  It will also enable us to use the device to heavily compete in the law enforcement vertical market." UPDATE: GPS Tracker Shop is now carrying senior monitoring bracelets that offer water protection capabilities. However, it is still recommended that any senior or person using the GPS tracking bracelets do not shower or bathe with the tracking devices on. This is to ensure the GPS tracker does not run into any potential complications.
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