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Online Store Goes Mobile

GPS Tracking On TabletGPS Tracker Shop has spent the last 10 years finding the best real-time GPS trackers, data loggers and personal monitoring equipment and offering these valuable security solutions to savvy online shoppers across the globe. The response to this day continues to be overwhelming as GPS Tracker Shop now meets the demands of consumers and businesses in both domestic and international markets, while holding its position as one of the leading names when it comes to GPS tracking technology. In an ongoing effort to stay ahead of the curve, GPS Tracker Shop is proud to announce that it has made significant modifications to the company online store that will now allow anyone with a mobile device to easily locate and purchase the best GPS tracking equipment the industry has to offer!

Mobile Responsiveness

According to statistics published by Pew Research Center, over 90% of Americans now own a cellular phone, and Americans also prefer to use their mobile phones to surf the Internet over desktop computers. Clearly, society is becoming more mobile and therefore the Internet is changing to meet this consumer behavior change. GPS Tracker Shop certainly understands technology products and therefore decided that it was essential to modify the company website so it was 100% mobile responsive. After weeks of digital construction, GPS Tracker Shop has completed improvements making the online GPS store more user-friendly than ever before! "Whenever we make any company decisions we always have the customer in mind first", stated the President of Marketing for GPS Tracker Shop. "It's one thing to test GPS car tracking devices, write up detailed descriptions and support the hardware but none of that really means much if that information is not easily attainable and digestible. Online shoppers are now making more purchases using mobile phones than any other time in cellular history and this trend will only continue moving forward. Therefore, we not only decided to create a completely mobile responsive online GPS store but to make it the best in the industry!"

New Website & New Online Sales

To kick of the new mobile design GPS Tracker Shop has launched a number of limited time sales that will extend through the end of May. These online GPS sales include free shipping on all orders over $200, free activation on all live GPS tracking devices and of course 20% off items all throughout the online GPS store.

Press Release

50 Shades Of Grey Record GPS SalesTEMECULA, California, 2/18/15 — The much anticipated 50 Shades Of Grey film may have had women flocking to local movie theaters everywhere but it also had men investing in GPS tracking devices at record numbers, according to information by GPS Tracker Shop. The vehicle management solutions company headquartered in Southern California is proud to announce that this past Valentine's Day weekend resulted in the highest number of GPS vehicle tracking device sales by volume in the companies' four (4) year existence! This strong surge in sales has been attributed directly to the film 50 Shades of Grey debut in movie theatres nationwide. "My wife was a huge fan of the 50 Shades of Grey books, but I never thought much of it or the new movie until this past weekend when orders were being phoned in and placed through our online store at unexpected levels", stated the President of Operations for GPS Tracker Shop. "Men all over the country were wanting to invest in real-time car tracking technology to make sure their girlfriends and wives were really going with other girlfriends and wives to see this movie. This suspicious behavior had a unpredictable cause and effect action that had men everywhere investing in GPS systems. I wasn't a fan of 50 Shades of Grey before this but now I'm definitely going to make plans to see the movie in person for helping our business!" About GPS Tracker Shop Located in Southern California, GPS Tracker Shop is a location-based service company that offers vehicle management solutions and services for Fortune 100 companies; small businesses; federal, state and local government agencies; law enforcement and family safety. Its GPS car trackers include fleet monitoring systems, asset trackers, personal tracking systems and GPS asset protection equipment. For more details, a free online demonstration or to place an order, visit or telephone 951-704-9503

GPS Blog Offers Security News & More

GPS-Tracker-Shop-blogFor nearly 5 years and counting GPS Tracker Shop has been the authority on GPS tracking technology solutions for consumers and businesses. Focusing on bringing high-tech monitoring devices to the masses, the online store has helped families enhance safety through teen driving awareness, senior citizen safety tracking and automotive security. And businesses all across the globe have turned to GPS Tracker Shop hardware to increase vehicle management, employee performance and customer service. GPS Tracker Shop is proud to have met and continue to meet the vehicle tracking needs of companies and consumers on a daily basis, but that has not stopped the California company from wanting to offer more in the form of information. This is why GPS Tracker Shop is proud to announce the launch of a new blog dedicated to bringing the latest security news! Those visiting the GPS Tracker Shop company website will now see a new category in the navigation called "blog". When this link is clicked the user will have a new tab open on their computer that will bring them to the official GPS Tracker Shop blog. The security news blog will feature popular stories that relate to GPS tracker devices as well as a number of other categories where the use of monitoring technology can be advantageous. These categories will include things such as teen driving safety, senior safety, technology, business and more. The blog will also provide links to relevant resources such as satellite image programs, products on sale and social media updates from Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. All of which are designed to help people stay connected with experts on GPS tracking technology to get the latest information and news. "Connecting with the customer on a more personal level while generating content that could help anyone get the most accurate and detailed information related to GPS tracking are two of the driving forces behind why we developed the security news blog, and we hope that online readers will get that type of value every time they visit our new blow", said the President at GPS Tracker Shop. "The world of GPS tracking is constantly evolving and we want people to know that when they visit our blog they will be given the most up-to-date information on locational technologies and which directions the trends are moving." The official GPS Tracker Shop blog is powered with a Word Press content management system and can be accessed via desktop or mobile device. Anyone wanting more information can visit the new security news blog or contact GPS Tracker Shop directly for more details.

What Buyers Should Know Before Purchasing

customer-suportProviding the top-performing GPS tracking devices to companies, families and others concerned about vehicle management has been the goal of GPS Tracker Shop ever since it launched its online store. Understanding that consumers all have different monitoring needs and operate on different budgets, GPS Tracker Shop has worked tirelessly to offer a vast array of devices from real-time GPS systems to data loggers. The objective has been simple: provide an avenue for any small business or consumer to acquire the most reliable and efficient GPS tracking devices without forcing them to break the proverbial bank. Buyers visiting the GPS Tracker Shop online store can feel confident that all of the features products are the most sophisticated devices the industry has to offer. Not only are many of the featured products award winning monitoring solutions but they are also both cost-effective and easy to use making them perfect for people with a limited budget or little tech experience. All products are backed with a one-year warranty courtesy of the manufacturer of the GPS tracker and free technical assistance available 24/7 and based in the United States.

Understanding Return Policy

Most applications related to GPS vehicle tracking frequently are short-term. A couple examples of this would be a consumer interested in using a GPS device to find out if a spouse was cheating on them or a business wanting to know if a particular employee was misusing company automotive assets while off the clock. In both of these scenarios the user could find out within days what is really going on and therefore no longer have a use for the tracking device they purchased. This led to many people abusing the original money back guarantee return policy, which almost every GPS business was forced to abandon, including GPS Tracker Shop. "We spent a significant amount of time evaluating our return policy to ensure that our customers are well taken care of", a human resources rep for GPS Tracker Shop stated. "Clearly, we wanted to eliminate those abusing policy and at the same time make certain that those who invested in our hardware received the best possible care. Although we currently have a no return policy on all GPS hardware we provide the highest level of support for any device purchased from our online store. This means a one-year manufacturers warranty on all hardware sold, free technical support forever and quick turn around if a product is found to be defective. When buyers come to our online store they are guaranteed a GPS tracker that performs at the highest level.

Return Policy Breakdown

  • All sales from GPS Tracker Shop are considered final. This means a product return for money back or store credit is not an option.
  • All products sold on GPS Tracker Shop are supported with technical support and manufacturers warranty by the maker of each particular device.
  • Those with questions about policy or terms and conditions can touch base with a GPS Tracker Shop rep for more information and assistance.

Bringing The World The Latest Security News

image6For nearly 5 years GPS Tracker Shop has been supplying companies and families all around the world with the most advanced GPS tracking solutions the surveillance market has to offer. Whether it be personal GPS trackers for senior safety, GPS data loggers for police surveillance or real-time GPS trackers for automotive security, GPS Tracker Shop has been going above and beyond to meet the needs of its online shoppers. Although the company has never deviated from its dedication to providing top-performing GPS monitoring solutions, GPS Tracker Shop felt it could offer even more value to its loyal online customers. This is the reason GPS Tracker Shop is proud to announce the debut of a new GPS blog focused on showcasing the latest in security news and more!

GPS Blog

The GPS Tracker Shop blog calls upon the latest WordPress content management system to organize articles related to topics ranging from entertainment, fleet tracking, vehicle management, technology, GPS reviews, teen driving and more. The new GPS blog will make it easy for readers to access a wealth of information related security news while also providing outbound links that will give visitors the ability to view the complete line of GPS Tracker Shop products. The GPS blog was also designed with a new mobile interface making it easy for those with smart phones or tablets the ability to get product information or news. "Our goal with the creation of the GPS blog was to offer those interested in locational technologies the ability to access any of the latest information and security news occurring around the world", the Marketing Director for GPS Tracker Shop explained. "We see the GPS blog as a resource that will hold value for years and years to come and couldn't be more excited about the potential it has as we move forward into 2014." GPS Tracker Shop has been undergoing an extensive process to change the company brand and overall image to better connect with a broader audience. This new look and feel will take the company away from a design that focused entirely on technology enthusiasts and shift it to meet the eye of parents of teenage drivers, families concerned about senior safety and small businesses wanting to track company vehicles. The GPS blog will also be used to connect with this new audience by featuring articles about entertainment news, editorial stories and sports. Of course, the company will always highlight all of the latest advancements in the world that showcase GPS tracking and locational based technologies. Those interested in learning more about the security news blog can visit the GPS Tracker Shop website for more information.

New Personal GPS Tracker Makes Online Debut!

S911 Lola GPS personal monitoring system is the smallest real-time device with two-way voice communication
s911 lola
After over a year of testing various personal tracking solutions designed for both child monitoring and senior safety, GPS Tracker Shop is very proud to announce the debut of the S911 Lola system to the company online store! Engineered by Laipac Tech and now distributed by GPS Tracker Shop to businesses and consumers, the S911 Lola system is a tracker that easily fits in the palm of a person's hand. However, users will quickly find that size does not matter when it comes to GPS tracking technology as the S911 Lola system is one of the most accurate, detailed and efficient real-time GPS trackers the industry has to offer.
"Finding a personal GPS system that had all of the characteristics and qualities that meet our stringent evaluation standards was a very challenging task, but we our confident that our customers will be as excited over the S911 Lola as we are once they use the tracking device", explained Ryan Horban, CEO of GPS Tracker Shop. "The S911 Lola is going to help a lot of parents keep their children safe and health-care facilities have better oversight of wandering seniors. This is something very positive and something we are very proud of. The S911 Lola is a product that will save lives and we couldn't be happier to offer such a product to our customers." About S911 Lola The S911 Lola has a retail price of $199.00 per unit and does require a monthly service obligation for data. Users have the option of using the S911 Lola purely as a real-time GPS tracker for $29.95 per month, or can have real-time GPS tracking data with two-way voice communication for $34.95 per month. The two-way voice communication option allows users to call the S911 Lola tracker, activating the device into a speaker phone. This allows the parent, business or caregiver to speak directly the the person and is an ideal feature for parents looking to safeguard children or businesses seeking management over line workers such as security guards. The S911 Lola tracker is designed with a panic button option that will immediately call out for assistance while also sending out text and email alerts. The personal GPS tracker also comes with a online-based mapping interface that requires no software, allowing multiple people to access personal tracking data regardless if they are in different cities or states! The LocationNow mapping interface also comes with a number of reporting features that allow the user to use the S911 as a vehicle monitoring solution. S911 Lola, when set at the default refresh rate of 15 minutes, will provide 15 consecutive hours of recording time. UPDATE: Although the S911 Lola GPS has been one of the most successful personal tracking solutions ever offered by GPS Tracker Shop the time has come to usher in the next generation of personal monitoring technology. This is why GPS Tracker Shop is proud to announce that within the next month it will be adding a more efficient and user-friendly personal GPS tracker to the online store! The SilverCloud Tag live tracker offers all of the same features of the S911 but with a more user-friendly platform along with more sleek design. GPS Tracker Shop will announce more information when it becomes available.
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