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Save Big With Christmas GPS Deals

Xmas Holiday Sale GPSProviding the most unique, accurate and reliable GPS vehicle tracking hardware is at the foundation of GPS Tracker Shop. This is why the online retailer has created a platform showcasing only the top performing GPS monitoring equipment from across the globe. These tracking devices have stood up to the most rigorous real world and controlled environment testing. Through this testing and evaluation the GPS car tracking devices not only stood strong on their own merit but exceeded the expectations of consumers, companies and police enforcement. With the holiday season now coming down the home stretch, GPS Tracker Shop has offered a limited time promotion that will provide free shipping via UPS Ground on any purchases of GPS tracking hardware!

Free Shipping On GPS Trackers

Starting today and running until the 1st of January 2015, GPS Tracker Shop will extend free shipping via UPS Ground to any customers who phone in orders and mention promo code "BLOGOFFER". Orders placed through the online cart will not qualify for this special promotion and won't be credited. All GPS tracking unit orders must be phoned in and the buyer must reference the above limited time promotional code. Please note all shipments require a signature from the buyer to ensure safe delivery. "We have launched a number of different promotions and sales during the holiday season to show are gratitude and appreciation for our valued customers, and we think this free shipping offer is just a fantastic way to wind down 2014", stated the President of Marketing for GPS Tracker Shop. "Everyone on our team appreciates the businesses who utilize our hardware to boost operations efficiency, the readers who subscribe to our security news blog and the police officers who routinely depend on our real-time GPS tracking devices to conduct surveillance. This promotion is simply another way to show all of those loyal to our high performance solutions that we care." For more information on the limited time offer or to make a purchase please contact a sales representative at GPS Tracker Shop at 951-704-9503. Representatives are available seven days a week to answer questions or to provide technical assistance.

Tracking Airport Shuttle Vans With GPS

GPS For Airport Shuttle Tracking Management is important for every business, but companies working in the airport shuttle industry must pay special attention to their management needs for efficiency is critical to success. Airport shuttle operations have to pick up riders at a certain time and transport them to the airport at a specific time in order for passengers to not be late for flights. This means getting to each location on time, driver safety, passenger safety and automotive security are all top priorities for airport shuttle companies. This is also the reason why airport shuttle companies are now investing in GPS trackers to help them oversee their van fleets.

Helping Vehicle Management

GPS trackers were designed to help assist in a number of diverse applications but when it comes to vehicle management there is no better solution available for airport shuttle companies to choose from. This is because when a company decides to equip airport shuttle vans with GPS tracking devices they are then provided with a tool that will give them total access to airport shuttle van activity. With the assistance of GPS tracking, airport shuttle fleet managers can view every van out in operation, their exact location, how fast they are driving, everywhere they've been and a ton of other information focused on driving activity. This data is housed securely online and accessible by smart phone or computer. The online mapping software even allows the airport shuttle management team to view individual vehicles or groups of vehicles all at once! Gaining access to where a vehicle is located and how long it was at a particular spot can provide data that will help airport shuttle companies reduce inefficiencies, but when it comes to driver and passenger safety GPS tracker alerts are what really hold value. This is because not only will a real-time GPS tracker log every moment a driver was operating a airport shuttle van at high rates of speed, but the tracking device can also send that alert instantly to a person through text message notification! The statistics show that motorists who drive fast are significantly more likely to become involved in a automotive accident, and likely a more severe accident. This can create serious liability issues for an airport shuttle company and why these companies need to make certain those driving their vans are doing so in a safe and responsible fashion.

Enhancing Vehicle Security

GPS trackers offer a simple way for an airport shuttle business to oversee driving activity but the technology also has another useful benefit: automotive security. Automotive security is important for any company that utilizes it's vehicles for business purposes because those vehicles are critical in the day-to-day operations of that business. Yes automotive theft insurance might cover the cost of the airport shuttle van but that check could take months to receive. Months the company will be one vehicle short, potentially slowing business operations substantially. However, businesses that call upon real-time GPS tracking have the ability to be instantly notified if their mobile assets are stolen. This locational information can then be forwarded to police who can quickly recover the vehicle and make an arrest. The company vehicle can be returned quickly and the criminal brought to justice. Airport shuttle companies have a significant amount of responsibility and GPS tracking devices can help them meet and exceed those responsibilities to help deliver the best possible service. With improved management and security through the use of GPS car trackers any airport shuttle business can improve efficiency.

GPS Tracker Shop Sale

Map Showing GPS Tracking DataSince the debut of the GPS Tracking Bracelet roughly two weeks ago, consumers from all over the globe have been inquiring and investing in the personal monitoring solution. The reason? GPS Tracking Bracelet provides real-time locational information on whoever is wearing the device. Real-time GPS tracker data that can help parents keep tabs on their wandering children, families safely monitor elderly loved ones and more. In a effort to help celebrate the launch of the new product, GPS Tracker Shop will be offering the device at a special discounted rate!

About GPS Tracking Bracelet

Engineered specifically to promote safety and personal security for consumer based applications, GPS Tracking Bracelet allows anyone to have live access to the locational information of another. Whether it be the need to monitor a typical child, special needs child, senior citizen or some one else, the lightweight bracelet fashioned as a wristwatch will get the job done. With an assortment of safety features that includes geo-fencing, real-time tracking, shock alerting and more, the GPS Tracking Bracelet will instantly send out an alert if a person is in need of assistance. In fact, for the upgraded service plan, users can utilize the two-way voice activation feature of the GPS tracking system that literally turns the bracelet into a speakerphone. This speakerphone option is automatically activated after three rings, allowing parents or other users to speak directly to the person wearing the bracelet! Personal safety is a top priority of everybody, but especially when it comes to family and other loved ones. That is what makes the GPS Tracking Bracelet such a unique technological tool, it gives families more oversight and ability to safeguard their loved ones. GPS Tracker Shop is proud to announce that this potentially life-saving piece of technological equipment is now in stock and on sale for anyone seeking the most advance personal monitoring device on the consumer market!

Tracking Efficiency With GPS

employeeAlthough the United States is not technically in a recession the economy is far from thriving. Unemployment is still very high, the federal debt has reached it's ceiling and business owners are feeling the stress of uncertainty. For small companies running on very small profit margins sometime just breaking even every week is a positive. That is why it is so important for these small businesses that make up the backbone of the economy to take every necessary step to maximize efficiency and operations. It is also the reason why so many business enterprises are now using GPS devices to monitor employees as a tool to enhance productivity and accountability. Many service-oriented businesses require employees to work out in the field to assist customers. These types of businesses include tow truck operations, electricians, plumbers, heating & air conditioning services, carpet cleaners, salesmen and more. When an employee is conducting business outside of the office managers have no way of effectively applying oversight. The manager has to take the employee at their word and make a judgement. GPS tracking devices change that by giving managers answers in real-time!

Real-Time GPS Vehicle Tracking

GPS vehicle locator devices can give business owners and managers the most up-to-date information regarding how their employees are driving and the what places they are stopping at. Here is how the process goes down:
  • Manager/business owner places a real-time GPS tracker on a company vehicle
  • Employee drives that company vehicle throughout the day
  • Manager/business owner can access all travel logs and vehicle activity through a website with mapping program
With the assistance of GPS vehicle tracking devices a small business is able to determine if employees are taking longer than allowed breaks from work, running personal errands while on the job, driving company vehicles at excessive rates of speed, utilizing the quickest routes and making all the stops required. The satellite and cellular based communication devices make it easy to catch employees not working or doing their job in the most effective fashion.

Chinese Seek Satellite Independence With BDS

beidou_logoWhen the Department of Defense allowed private companies and people to access data from GPS satellites orbiting the Earth the end result was progression. Think about it for a second. Fitness watches, navigation devices, tracking systems and a million different apps for smart phones all use some component of locational technology based on GPS. None of these technologies would even be possible if the government wanted to keep their satellite controlled locational technology to themselves for military and surveillance applications. GPS has opened up an entirely new world for society and eliminated the days when people would write down directions with a pen and paper. Unfortunately, some countries can't handle being second fiddle to the innovative genius of the United States. This is part of the reason why our "friends" over in China have made nearly a trillion dollar investment into the creation of a new navigation and tracking satellite system called Beidou (BDS) that the Chinese hope will rival GPS. According to information gathered from China Daily, the Chinese government is hoping Beidou will increase the countries' emerging navigational service sector while also making China far less reliant on foreign satellite technologies. With escalating tensions on the Korean Peninsula and China quickly rising to the top as a world super power, this new satellite plan would protect the country if for some reason the United States chose to deny the Chinese access to GPS tracking and navigational technologies. In fact, some groups such as actually believe Beidou will give the Chinese a strategic advantage if any form of hostilities broke out in the east by giving the country the ability to more accurately combat advanced ground and naval forces such as those of elite military nations like the United States.

Commercial Applications of Beidou

The group behind the development of the Beidou system believe that the new satellite technology will open up more doors in the commercial market which could be especially helpful considering the growth increase for the country. With a more accessible satellite guided navigational and tracking technology, limos, taxis and other transportation vehicles will have the capability to instantly locate passengers. This will not only improve business fleet management efficiency, but also significantly reduce fuel consumption while reducing emissions. This would be a huge benefit considering the well documented pollution issues associated with Chinese vehicles and manufacturing facilities known to have some of the worst emission problems in the world. The network of 35 satellites that will make up the Beidou system are expected to have total global coverage by the year 2020, providing precise positioning, tracking and navigation. Currently, the Chinese have launched a little under half (16) satellites dedicated to navigation.

Applications Of Beidou System

Military transport Weather forecast Navigation Vehicle Tracking Commercial fishing, telecommunications Hydrological monitoring Mapping & routing

Naturally, the Beidou system will feature a number of functions that will calculate timing, altitude, navigation, position and more, but the terminals will also feature the ability to share information with stations on the ground via short message. This is significant because if things play out in the way the Chinese government hopes it will allow the Beidou system to steal upwards of 75% of market share currently owned by GPS systems. The relationship between the United States and China is cross-beneficial, as the Chinese hold more American currency than any other nation and we purchase all of their cheaply manufactured goods created through essentially slave labor to full our Wal-Marts.

Speed Alerts Enhance Employee Management

GPS Alerts Offer Construction Businesses Real Solutions

Construction-workerWith the collapse of the housing market and overall decline of the United States economy (thanks in large part to George W. Bush), one of the first industries to feel the pinch were companies in the construction field. Too much standing inventory, difficulty accessing lines of credit and numerous other factors led to massive lay-offs for people working construction. Although it was only about 5 years ago when the economy was in the total dumps it now appears things are turning around under better government leadership. Jobs are coming back, 401Ks are rising with the stock market and construction companies are bouncing back. However, during those dark times companies in the construction field learned a lot about maximizing efficiency and cutting cost in order to stay afloat while experiencing those business hardships. Now they intend on using that knowledge gained in difficult times to help them be more successful moving forward and it all begins with GPS tracker devices.

GPS: Helping Construction Companies

GPS trackers have been used frequently to help businesses with fleet tracking needs better manage both assets and employees. The reason is because GPS technology has been instrumental in improving:

Automotive Security Route Selection Mileage Accounting Maintenance Documentation Safe Driving Activity Misuse Of Company Assets

The data acquired from GPS tracking systems can be viewed live in real-time and the online platform provides multiple users in different locations easy access to that tracking information. This allows construction company managers in different cities the ability to see where employees are at, identify if vehicle misuse is occurring, determine route efficiency, monitor fuel consumption and check for potential dangerous driving behaviors. Since many GPS systems are not software dependent construction managers can view their personal GPS tracking data from smart phones, tablet devices and of course desktop computers. The reality is that excessive fuel consumption, unnecessary vehicle idling, bad route selection and improper use of company work trucks/vehicles can all lead to lost revenue. GPS trackers not only put that lost cash back into the pockets of construction businesses but the monitoring devices also enhance the efficiency and safety of both workers and automotive assets. The recession may have impacted the nation and many American workers  in a negative way, but the silver lining is that it also taught many companies how to be more efficient and savvy. This is the primary reason why GPS tracker devices will only continue to be employed by companies seeking to maximize profit.
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