Clippers Best Team In Los Angeles

Blowout Win Shows Clippers Own Tinseltown

No matter what anybody says only one NBA team has been relevant in Southern California over the past 25 odd years and that team has been the Los Angeles Lakers. Winners of sixteen championship titles, the Lakers have never lacked star power and talent. West, Wilt, Magic, Kareem, Shaquille, Kobe and so many other all-time great basketball players have worn the purple and gold, leading their teams to championship glory. Then of course their are the Clippers. A team once described as the worst franchise in all of sports, the Clippers have been the antithesis of winning. They have embodied losing. They have been the Lakers chew toy. They have been the definition of failure. They have been the team in Los Angeles nobody cares about. Although their history has been ugly, sad and simply forgettable, the 2012-2013 Clippers are showing that they are not only the best team in Los Angeles but one of the best teams in all of basketball.

Clippers 3-0 Against Lakers This Season

As teams break for All-Star festivities the record shows the Clippers with a comfortable lead in the Pacific Division and near the top of the standings in the Western Conference. They have depth, athleticism and two of the most entertaining players to watch in Chris Paul and Blake Griffin. This Clippers team is known as “Lob City” and in three match ups against the Los Angeles Lakers this season they have went 3-0, winning each game in dominating fashion. However, the televised game last night on TNT showed both how far the Clippers have come and how far the Lakers have fallen in the 125-101 home loss for the Lakers.

Will The Lakers Make The Playoffs

When the Lakers traded Andrew Bynum for Dwight Howard sports analysts everywhere believed that the Lakers defense would be vastly improved, especially in the paint. But the Lakers didn’t stop there. They also knew offense was important and therefore traded for two-time MVP Steve Nash, one of the all-time best passing guards. Within days the Lakers had a roster decorated with capable of winning a championship this season. The only problem is that championships are won on the courts and not on stat sheets. With a roster that would make any coach drool, the Lakers fired head coach Mike Brown only a handful of games into the season as it became clear what brown was doing wasn’t being effective. However, things went from bad to worse when the Lakers passed on Jackson and instead opted to hire Mike D’Antoni, a man known for his defensive shortcomings. The lack of direction, consistency and chemistry resulted in a horrible start for the Lakers who more than halfway trough the season now sit 10th in the western conference. That means if the playoffs started today they would be booking tee times instead of playing basketball. The Lakers will need to play great basketball for the remainder of the season and might also need a little help if they want to even make the playoffs.

Clippers Want More Than Bragging Rights

Right now the Clippers are far superior than the Lakers in every way and shape possible. However, domination of their cross town rivals isn’t what this Clippers squad wants to hang their hats on. Instead, they want a NBA title. Winning a title, or getting very close, is important to the Clippers as a management seeks to lock up all-star point guard Chris Paul to a long-term deal. Paul will be a free agent. UPDATE: Clippers have signed Chris Paul to a max contract as he will now be with the team for the next 5 years. Currently, the Lakers are at the very bottom of the Western Conference while the Clippers appear to be one of the contenders in the West. This article was drafted in 2013 and updated by GPS Tracker Shop editors multiple times to showcase the latest information.